Looking For Tax Sites?
A Great Source of TAX web sites: www.taxsites.com
State of IOWA Home Page:  www.state.ia.us
Iowa Department of Revenue:  www.state.ia.us/government/drf/index.html
Looking For General Business Sites?
ZD-Net Small Business Resources:  www.zdnet.com/smallbusiness/     
Looking For The How To Start and Run a PROFITable Small Business Alumni Site?

Other Favorite Business Web Sites
FED WORLD - This is a gateway to a wide variety of information and statistics issued by the Federal Government.   http://www.fedworld.gov
THOMAS REGISTER - The famouse green covered sourcebook on US and Canadian companies is available on line and most of it is free. Http://thomasregister.com
SMALL BUSINESS TAXES & MANAGEMENT - Get breaking tax reports, recent IRS laws, tax court ruleings and more at this site.  http://www.smbiz.com
US CENSUS BUREAU This is the home page for the US Census Bureau's data base. It is a gold mine of demographic and statistical information. http://www.census.gov
SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - This SBA Home Page is the jumping off point for information about the many SBA programs available to entrepreneurs.  http://www.sba.gov
FINDLAW - You can use this site to search court cases. It also has links to many other law related sites.  http://www.findlaw.com
US DATABASE INDEX - This is the US Government Printing Office listing of Federal databases.  http://www.access.gpo.gov/
IOWA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE & FINANCE - This is the home page for the Iowa Department of Revenue & Finance. http://www.state.ia.us/government/drf/index
TAXSITES.COM - Our favorite place to go for links to many of the finest income tax and accounting sites on the web.  http://www.taxsites.com
U.S. BUSINESS ADVISOR - A comprehensive federal Internet site for small business.   http://www.business.gov
ON-LINE WOMEN’S BUSINESS CENTER - This site helps women in the process of starting their own businesses.   http://www.onlinewbc.gov
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SEARCH SITE - Firstgov is an excellent place to start searching for information relating to the federal government. http://www.firstgov.gov/
IOWA SMALL BUSINESS RESOURCE PAGE - An access point to all sorts of information needed to get a small business under way in Iowa including information about licenses, financial assistance, training and more.  http://www.iowasmart.com
IOWA HOME PAGE - This is the jumping off place for information about Iowa government and services.  http://www.state.ia.us
SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER SITES - provides free one-on-one confidential counseling and training to business owners and potential business owners. http://www.sba.gov/ia/desmo/sbdc.html
IOWA BUSINESS NETWORK - This site has a variety of Iowa small business information.  http://www.iabusnet.org
IOWA SECRETARY OF STATE - This site offers information on corporations and non-profits, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies.  You can check availability of names here. http://sos.state.ia.us
INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE - A source for Federal tax information.  http://www.irs.gov/
U.S. PATENTS & TRADEMARKS - This site gives patent and trademark information.  http://www.uspto.gov
U.S. COPYRIGHTS - This site provides copyright information .  http://www.copyright.gov
FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION - A site that provides information about mail-order and telemarketing.  http://www.ftc.gov